‘American Horror Story-Coven’ RECAP: Two Dead in ‘Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’

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Recap of "American Horror Story-Coven" Episode 10: "Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks": It is truce time for the two long-time enemies, Fiona and Marie. The episode reveals that Marie is 300-years-old. And, after a long time of being alone, Marie believes she has found her equal in Fiona. Papa Legba, a demon spirit, had blessed Marie with immortality after taking her soul in return. Also, every year, Marie has to give her services to the demon spirit. In the past, she had to give-up her new-born baby to Papa Legba. This time, Papa Legba visits Marie and demands that she brings him the soul of an innocent. Marie goes to a hospital and steals a black baby, and using her witch powers, she gets away without being caught.

Fiona wants to find the hive of the witch hunters, as there cannot be a solo witch hunter. When she comes to know about the true identity of Hank, Fiona gets mad at Cordelia for bringing a viper [Hank] inside the academy. It is Marie who hired Hank's help to wipe-out the white witches, but Fiona lashes out at only Cordelia. Later, she also stops Cordelia from helping to harm Hank's father organisation, Delphi Trust. Fiona calls Cordelia worthless as she has no powers to accomplish anything.       

Delphi Trust is a powerful organisation, with deep pockets and Fiona realises that a direct attack would be futile. Marie and Fiona set a maze of mouse-trap and put bundles of money around it. Rats are made to sniff a powder and are put inside the maze. Soon, the office of the Delphi Trust is swarming with investigative officers. Harrison, Hank's (real name Henry) father, is informed that a considerable amount of money has leaked-out in 10 minutes. Harrison realises that this money leakage is not natural but the doing of the witches.

Nan and Madison's powers are growing, and both think that they can be the next supreme. Madison's heart no longer murmurs after she back from dead. Nan's clairvoyant powers can now make other do anything that she wants them to do. Fiona wants to out Misty as the next Supreme. She invites Stevie Nicks, which is a ruse to make Misty show her true powers. Seeing Stevie Nicks in front of her, Misty faints. Stevie Nicks sings a song. The idol and the fan twirl. Stevie gives Misty her scarves. Madison is furious and jealous of Misty, and she takes an extreme step. Misty and Madison follow a funeral procession. At the graveyard, Madison shows that she also has the power to resurrect dead people. She asks Misty to become her true-self and not imitate Stevie. Madison tells Misty to drop Stevie's scarf in the empty coffin. When Misty does not fall to Madison's tricks, Madison hits her on the head and puts her unconscious body in the coffin and closes it. The coffin is put to be lowered for a burial.

Nan and Zoe visit Luke's home after at the hospital, they come to know that Luke is dead. Nan's powers tell her that Luke's mother killed him. Nan lashes out at the mother and she uses her powers to make Luke's mother drink the bleach.

Fiona is unable to get the kiss of immorality from Papa Legba, as she has no soul. Her cancer is becoming strong as the powers of the next Supreme are increasing. Fiona needs to find the next Supreme and kill her, before Cancer kills her. The true love of Fiona, the Axeman, visits her.

Nan finds the baby that Marie stole. Marie and Fiona both see her as a threat. They kill her in a bathtub. When Papa Legba visits to get his innocent soul, they tell him to take Nan's soul as she has been an innocent one. The only wrong she has done is killing of Luke's mother but she deserved it. Papa Legba takes Nan's soul with him. Nan's soul says that any place would be better than the coven. 

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