‘American Horror Story-Coven’: The New Supreme Crowned [SPOILER]

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The daughter of Fiona, Cordelia, has been crowned the New Supreme in the final episode, "The Seven Wonders," of "American Horror Story-Coven." She was the obvious heir to the throne of the Supreme, but an heir doubtful about her powers. As a result, she was never a serious contender.

In one of the previous episodes, Cordelia had plucked her eyes out, as she felt helpless and powerless. This restored her vision, which helped her figure out Fiona's nefarious plan to reign for another 30 years. Cordelia played a crucial role in the elimination of Fiona. This cleared the way for a New Supreme to rise, without the fear of Fiona putting her to death before the crowning ceremony.   

Cordelia started as a meek daughter of the powerful and evil, Fiona. In the final episode, she came out of the shadows, proving that she has the powers to be the next supreme. She will be leading the coven "out of an era of strife and chaos, towards repair and rejuvenation." Cordelia is no longer blind.

Before the airing of the episode, the social media was abuzz, with news that opening credits reveal Cordelia as the next 'Supreme'. Fans on Tumbler and Reddit had correctly identified Sarah Paulson's image in the credits as that of Santa Muerte. According to Wikipedia, Santa Muerte is as a folk saint, called the "Lady of Seven Powers."  

In an interview published before the season finale, Sarah Paulson said to The Hollywood Reporter, "Coven comes to the end of something that feels complete and in line what the story has been thus far. Cordelia has more to do in the finale than she's had to do the entire season."

"American Horror Story" has been renewed for Season 4. The new season will have no link to Season 3. The new story-line will be set in 1950s.

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