‘American Horror Story-Coven’ Finale Spoilers: Trial Goes Wrong, Heartbreaking Task in ‘The Seven Wonders’ [VIDEO]

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It is time for the 'New Supreme' to rise in "American Horror Story-Coven." The final episode, "The Seven Wonders," will feature four witches, Zoe, Madison, Queenie and Misty, taking the test of the 'Seven Wonders' to show their powers and claim the crown of the 'Supreme'.

In episode 12, "Go to Hell," the Axeman used his axe on Fiona, killing her and later, fed her to the alligators.  Cordelia had a vision of Fiona killing all the witches, including her daughter. The grisly killings may have been forestalled, but peace will still elude the coven. The test to elect the new Supreme will not be a display of sisterhood, but will be dark and tragic.         

The spoilers of the final episode suggest that something will go horribly wrong during the trials. The rise of the new supreme will come at the cost of a tragedy.

The night before the test, all the witches will come together -- perhaps for the last time as equals -- for dinner. Myrtle will be the organiser of this dinner. There might be laughter and friendly banter at the table. The next day, however, caustic remarks and violent intent will be part of the test business.

On the morning of the test-day, Madison will experience vulnerability. However, this is unlikely to crush her determination to be the 'New Supreme'. Queenie will grapple with self-doubt -- whether "she could the one." Zoe, however, will be confident and sober. She will put on a darker-shade of lipstick, as if it is a "war-paint," according to the spoilers. Misty will be a bundle of nerves before the test.  The successes during the trial will calm Misty's nerves and make her giddy.

Zoe will be the receiver of "snarky barbs" thrown by Madison. As the trial progress, the violent intent will surface, which will probably lead to tragic consequences. The 'New Supreme' will rise and the first task she has to perform is heart-breaking. 

The spoiler also suggests that the new 'Supreme' has to attend to one final, unfinished business. After that, the coven will return to its days of prominence and strength.

Who do you think will be crowned the next 'Supreme'?  


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