‘American Horror Story-Coven’ Episode 13: Top 13 Spoilers of Season Finale ‘The Seven Wonders’

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"The Seven Wonders," the final episode of "American Horror Story-Coven," killed a good number of major characters and revealed the new Supreme. Here are the top 13 spoilers from the final episode of "American Horror Story" Season 3.

Top 13 Spoilers of "American Horror Story-Coven" Episode 13, "The Seven Wonders":

The final episode opens with Stevie Nicks, singing a song "so long ago, certain place, certain time ... seven wonders ..." She wishes the four witches, Zoe, Misty, Madison and Queenie, "good luck."

Myrtle organises the final dinner before the test day. She tells the contenders, Zoe, Misty, Madison and Queenie, that this might be the last supper for the one who will lose her anonymity and freedom to become the Supreme. Also, it might be the last supper for the rest of the girls.

All the four witches are able to successfully perform telekinesis and concilium (mind control). The third task is descensum, entering personal hell and coming back before sunrise. Queenie goes back to the chicken shack and is the first to come back. Madison is the next to wake-up -- her hell is getting stuck in a musical, without a leading role. Zoe wakes-up, as well. She was stuck in a loop of breaking-up with Kyle. Misty is stuck in a school's biology lab. She keeps dissecting and resurrecting a frog, unable to kill it.  

Misty does not come back and it is over for her. Her body disintegrates. She disappears, never to return from her personal hell, again.

The next task is transmutation. Zoe, Madison and Queenie see it as fun time. They demonstrate this power as if playing a game. The game, however, kills Zoe. Her body has been pierced by a sharp fence spike.   

It is time to perform vitalum vitalis to bring back Zoe to life. Queenie is unable to resurrect Zoe. Madison can bring her back to life, but she chooses not to do. She wants to be crowned the next Supreme, as there is no one left to challenge her claim. Madison kills a fly and brings it back to life, proving that she has the power to resurrect someone.

Myrtle stops Cordelia from announcing Madison as the next supreme. She tells Cordelia that she has all the making of the next Supreme and she has royal blood running in her veins. Myrtle convinces Cordelia to perform the seven wonders.

Cordelia successfully performs telekinesis, transmutation, concilium and descensum. Cordelia performs divination, successfully. She is able to find a broach of one of the former Supremes. Madison, however, fails to complete this task.

Madison spews venom and decides to quit the coven. She is going to Hollywood, and warns Cordelia and co that she will send TMZ to the coven. Kyle, however, kills her before she can pack her suitcase and leave. Kyle sees Spalding. The ghost calls himself the help and alludes to interring the body of Madison, without anyone suspecting anything.

Cordelia brings Zoe back to life and her vision is also restored, completing all the acts of seven wonders. Cordelia is the 'NEW SUPREME.'  She gives an interview to a channel, telling that to become a witch is not a choice but one is born with witch powers. She opens the door of the coven to the girls who have such powers. Cordelia intends to make the coven an institution that protects, develops and celebrates witches.

Myrtle forces Cordelia to burn her at the stake, again, as she has killed co-witches. It is the right thing to do, punishing Myrtle for the crime she had committed. She wants Cordelia to be hypocrisy-free to begin a blemish-free reign. A tear-full Cordelia succumbs and burns Myrtle at the stake.

Cordelia appoints Zoe and Queenie as her councils. Also, there is one final task that Cordelia needs to handle, before opening the doors for the news girls. Her real vision tells her that the Axeman did not kill Fiona that day. It was a ruse so that Cordelia conducts the test to out the new Supreme. Fiona had intended to kill the new Supreme, prolonging her life and reign.

Fiona and Cordelia have a heart-to-heart talk, perhaps for the first and the last time. The mother-daughter hug and Fiona dies in the arms of Cordelia. Fiona wakes-up in her personal hell.  In her new humble abode, Fiona is stuck with the Axeman for eternity. Kyle opens the doors of the academy for the waiting girls. Codelia, Zoe and Queenie welcome them. It is a new beginning for this coven of witches. 

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