American Baseballers Combats Jetlag in a Special Way

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After a long flight journey from United States to Australia, the Los Angeles Dodgers team a follows unique approach to combat jetlag.

In order to acclimatise with the current time format and moreover to ensure proper fitness before the match, the Dodgers team are provided with special wristwatches that monitor their sleep, and the data gets relayed back to the management.

This technology was developed for astronauts to cope up with change of time zone.

Dodgers beat writer JP Hoomstra, wrote in Long Beach Press Telegraph, "If the players seem slightly less tired than their opponents during the first two games of the season, science deserves partial credit."

"A set of two LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs were given to players Saturday, the day before the team flew to Sydney, Australia. One light bulb tricks the brain into thinking you're seeing daylight, the other into thinking it's night-time."

"The light bulbs were installed in every player's hotel room by the time the team arrived in Sydney. Still, performance on a baseball field isn't a practical tool for measuring the success or failure of the light bulbs. There are too many outside variables."

"To provide more useful feedback, the Dodgers were given a set of nine Basis wristwatches. In addition to telling time, the $200 watches collect data about deep sleep, light sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, as well as heart-rate activity, skin temperature and perspiration. Manager Don Mattingly is among the nine wearing the watch."

An Early Setback

As the most awaited match between LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks is slated on Saturday at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Adrian Gonzalez of Dodgers suffered an injury in a friendly match against Australia national team.

LA Times beat writer Dylan Hernandez stated, "Two days before opening day, Adrian Gonzalez had to be removed in the fourth inning of an exhibition game against an Australian league all-star team in a nearly empty stadium."

However, Gonzalez confirmed, he should be ready by Saturday to play the regular season-opener.

He said, ""I'm all right...." "I'll be good." 

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