Amazon's 3D Phone to Compete With Apple's iPhone

By @judithaparri on

Leaked images of Amazon's first handset published by BGR on May 1 has shown they have many similarities with Apple's iPhone.

The online retail giant may have eyed other smartphones, especially iPhone, to compete with them. Even with a 3D motion sensing functionality, everyone expects it to look like the contemporary smartphones, such as the iPhone, not apart from the trend.

If it pushes through, the Amazon smartphone would mark another market which it might have already planned to compete with Apple. Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets are low-cost options to the iPad lineup of the Cupertino firm.

Amazon's upcoming first smartphone is flooding the tech world's rumor land. The recent BGR images are even photos of the finished product. Shown on the device's upper portion are the touchscreen display, a seemingly Home button and an earpiece. On the left are three buttons apparently for mute, lock or volume and SIM tray. Two grilles are found on the lower part probably for mic input and speaker output, plus a port in-between reportedly for USB and screws.

The back portion has some legal information, FCC details and the Amazon logo. Such has quite the look of an iPhone. Its camera, flash and rear-facing mic are at the top-right portion. On iPhone, these items are on the left though. The renders in BGR do not show the multiple cameras expected in the Amazon smartphone as they are maybe hidden underneath the glass panel at the front.

The Amazon smartphone images on BGR would come from some graphic designers who work in Amazon. Rumors said Amazon will join the smartphone market later this year. Also, it was reported Amazon is currently in talks with third-party developers to have popular apps maximize the 3D features before the handset is released.

Among the highlights of the rumored upcoming Amazon smartphone are its 3D features which work even without head gears, wall papers with perspectives that can shift when the phone tilts, five front-facing cameras, customized-version of Google's Android and the special data plan Amazon Prime Data, including free streaming of Amazon films, music and TV shows.

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