Amazon Smartphone Featuring Six Cameras To Launch in Summer?

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After its tablet and e-reader, Amazon Kindle may finally launch a new product under its brand. A smartphone reportedly will feature six cameras with few extras not found in other competing brands.

It has been quite some time that the online selling giant has been rumored to join the tight competition of the mobile market. Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, known for providing accurate analysis in the industry, particularly with Apple's product launches, predicted Amazon US will launch its new brand of smartphone from 3 to 6 months. Kuo noted the Amazon brand phone will use the same hardware it used for Kindle, according to BGR report.

Rumors about the Amazon smartphone is not new in the gadget world. In an October 2013 article by CNET, Amazon was reported to be working on two separate smartphones, and one is a handset with a codename "Smith." The handset will come with a 3D interface relying on four different cameras which can track the user's head and eye movements.

Amazon will be integrating its own products with the device. Kuo noted Amazon will start stocking up materials in the Q2 of 2014 for the production. Three hundred to 600 thousand units are forecast for shipment in Q2 while 2 to 3 million for the entire 2014.

Six Cameras: All in One Smartphone

The Amazon phone does not have a name revealed yet, but there are circulating reports about its upcoming features. The most highlighted among its attributes is the 6 built in cameras to support touch-less gesture controls. To cut them down, the two will be the main and rear cameras for basic shooting and video capture, while the other four will be used under a system that supports the gesture controls.

Other features in the Amazon phone's box.

The upcoming Amazon phone will run with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 4.7-inch display, and 2,000 mAh to 2,400 mAh battery capacity. The 13 MP primary camera will be supplied by Sony, while Primax will be the source of the secondary. If reports were true, Amazon's smartphone may be powerful enough to compete with other brands and could satisfy the needs of the most fastidious users.

"Given the highly competitive handset market, Amazon will have to provide users with a unique experience to differentiate its phone from other brands. It would do this by integrating the smartphone with its own services such as e-commerce." Ming-Chi Kuo added.

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