Amazon Prime Rush – One Week Before Prices Hit $99

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Amazon Prime Rush – One Week Before Prices Hit $99
A worker prepares an item for Amazon Prime delivery at Amazon's distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona in this file photo taken November 22, 2013. Inc told customers on Thursday that the annual membership fee for its Prime shipping and media streaming service would go up to $99 from $79 next week, the first time it has increased the price since the service began in 2005. REUTERS/Ralph D. Freso/Files Reuters

Readers who are looking to get the one year membership of the Amazon Prime have just one week before the prices go up to $99. The price currently is $79 and the increase is set to offset rising costs for the company such as fuel and shipping costs.

Amazon has been talking about a rise in price for some time now and the company has finally decided to risk increasing the price. The Amazon Prime allows users to get 2 day shipping, video content and users can borrow eBooks.

Amazon Student will also see a $10 increase from the current $39 to $49. For existing account holders if their membership renews before April 17, 2014 they will be charged $39 and for all memberships' renewal after this date the charges would be $49.

There have been some concerns that the price hike may tempt many users to not renew their memberships and look for other options. Rivals like Netflix and others may stand to benefit from some of customers moving away from Amazon Prime.

There has been some debate among analysts about whether the price rise will actually help the company's bottom line. If many people decide to leave the Amazon Prime service the loss of revenue will negate any gains from the price increase.

Reactions are coming in for the Amazon Prime price rise on social media. Many of the users are not happy about the email they received from the company telling them about the price rise. Others are of the opinion that prices of everything else seems to be going up these past few years and the company's decision should not come as a shock.

Some of the customers reacting to the price rise news are excited about what the company can do with the additional revenues. The company was in news recently for considering using drones to make deliveries to customers.

Some customers feel that the price rise is reasonable as the company has not increased prices for many years and it was only fair that they be allowed to do so now. Many customers still feel that they are getting a good price for the Amazon Prime and the service is still worth the money after the price increase.

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