Amazon Enters Gaming with Fire TV: All You Need to Know About the Top-Box and Game Box in One

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It's almost like an unexpected twist of events or the surprising rise of a new competitor that no one was looking at. This could be the way that Amazon's Fire TV rose from the shadows in the midst of the next-gen console and entertainment wars.

The recently announced Amazon Fire TV came from behind, and it has introduced similar features and services offered by other brands, only combined in one top-box.

Reuters reports that the online retailer has unveiled the $99 Fire TV, which allows for video and game streaming. The Fire TV is able to stream videos from different video services similar to Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Apparently, this is a way to complement Amazon's own video service streaming.

But if that's not enough, Amazon is aiming for the multimedia approach, wherein the Fire TV game controller, priced at $39.99, will allow users to play games through the TV. The Fire TV seems to be a pretty good top-box by itself. GameSpot has landed the details on the device and reports that it features a Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon Krait 300 processor with Adreno 320 GPU, 2 GB of RAM and the ability to connect to a number of remotes and controllers simultaneously.

Since this is Amazon, it's expected that users can also conduct in-game microtransactions for any Amazon payment as well as connect with payment profiles via their own Amazon account.

At first glance, this seems like a really great deal, but analysts themselves are having a hard time placing how the Amazon Fire TV will be received. Some think that this is too late in coming into the arena of entertainment and gaming, while Research analyst James McQuivey says that Amazon can do much more.

"The company will eventually want to help you buy things in the living room. Only Amazon can piece that entire experience together in the living room and though we don't see evidence of that ambition here today, we should assume Amazon knows this and is planning on it."

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Aside from being an entertainment box, Amazon Fire TV also becomes users' very own game box not unlike the Xbox One and PS4. And even though reports have stated that Amazon is not expecting to get into the middle of the rivalry between the two giants, there's no telling how the Amazon Fire TV will be received—and what that will bring to gaming as well.

Already, there is a pretty long list of games that will be coming to Amazon Fire TV. Joystiq reports that Telltale Games will be bringing "The Wolf Among Us," "The Walking Dead" and its upcoming project "Game of Thrones" to the new gaming machine.

In a press release obtained by the same source, You Don't Know Jack Studio is also bringing in two games onto the platform. There's "Fibbage," a comedy-trivia game that can cater up to eight players via the smartphone or tablet as well as "You Don't Know Jack Party."

"What we've always believed we do best is creating games that get groups of people sitting together laughing through gameplay and cracking each other up," said GM at Jackbox Games Mike Bilder in a statement.

VG 24/7 adds that Amazon Fire TV already has an exclusive game under its belt, titled "Sev Zero." This is a title from Amazon Game Studio, a third-person shooter combined with tower defense mechanics, and players can get it together with the Amazon Fire TV controller. The game is basically letting players build towards and combatting against foes via shooter mode.

If that's not enough, users also have big-name games from EA and Disney, as well as the hit building game "Minecraft" heading to the Amazon Fire TV.

To see more of the features that the Amazon Fire TV touts and to pre-order it for yourself, you can go to this link.

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