‘Amazing Things Happen’ - Samsung Galaxy S5 Swarmed By Hollywood Stars In Oscars

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 REUTERS/Albert Gea

The Galaxy S5, the newest flagship smartphone of Samsung Electronics just launched a week ago, got for itself a limelight again. This time, it is with many other stars - Hollywood stars, whom it picked as its audience, at the awarding event of Oscars last night.

The Korean manufacturer debuted the first ad of Samsung Galaxy S5 as a major sponsor of the U.S. Academy Awards which was broadcast Sunday night.

Stars Selfies

The South Korean flagship smartphone has made its presence first with a 30-second ad segment. Then it got another big publicity shot in the quite formal ceremony of its big brother Galaxy Note 3 throughout the event.

Check on the selfies of Hollywood stars and its seems Ellen DeGeneres is tweeting a lot of the pictures, making Samsung's sponsorship dollars working, at least - even if Ellen is perhaps personally using iPhone. Ellen's tweet has already gathered over 1.1 million retweets, considering the number of glamorous awesome faces with their earning power, making it a possible best selfie of all time.

The Galaxy S5 and Gear moments

A light-hearted moment happened during the Oscars event. The Hollywood stars and academy awardees stepped aside to watch something really important. Samsung Galaxy S5 debuted its first ad a week after it is being launched in Barcelona, Spain during the Mobile World Congress 2014. This most recent innovation by the South Korean electronics titan has new features like a heartbeat sensor and a 5.1-inch HD screen among others to hype about.Another dramatic teaser came, a 30-second video of "Amazing Things Happen" which presented everything Samsung offers with its screen. Later in the evening, Tizen-powered Samsung smartwatches Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, had their moment.

The Samsung commercial

One good amazing point about Samsung's new commercial ad is it does not mention Apple. It has no trendy something, not poking fun at the fans of Apple and no up-beat sound. Samsung is apparently moving into a new direction this time, which is a smart move. The Galaxy brand has enough fame so it should stop comparing itself to Apple's products. It is good that such ad trending is already happening.

Exposure through Ellen

Aside from the paid ads, Samsung had another publicity when the night's host Ellen Degeneres showed a Galaxy Note 3 on stage. Ellen pretended to have a selfie, then repeated it later with Meryl Streep.

It is worth reckoning that the Oscar event on Feb. 27, 2007 was also a witness to the first ad of Apple Inc., for its iPhone. The spot then showed a lot of smartphones ringing and answered from Hollywood stars.

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