‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Couple Pulls Creative, Charitable Stunt in Public

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Emma Stone Talks About Boyfriend Andrew Garfield
Actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield pose for photographs at the world premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in central London, April 10, 2014. REUTERS/Olivia Harris REUTERS

The "Amazing Spider-Man" stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone established a creative way to raise charitable awareness to people and to also take advantage of the paparazzi that surrounded them.

Instead of using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the real-life couple found a new way to send a message to the public. They walked in the streets of New York while they covered half of their faces with a medium-sized flashcards. In Emma's, it said: "Good Morning! We were eating and we saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let's try this again. We don't need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do:" then it was closed with an arrow pointing to Andrew's flashcard: "www.youthmentoring.org, www.autismspeaks.org (and don't forget) www.wwo.org, www.gildaclubnyc.org. Here's to stuff that matters. Have a great day!"

This stunt started when the two had their breakfast in a café in New York. The paparazzi then flocked outside to take their snap shots but instead of shrugging them off, they seized the opportunity to create a profound awareness to the people. And this was not the first time they did this. In September 2013, they pulled similar stunt in New York. On the other hand, their faces was not as covered as the recent one. Emma's flashcard was: "WE just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. So, why not take this." It was enclosed with an arrow, also pointing to Andrew's that said: "Opportunity to bring attention that need and deserve it? www.wwo.org, www.gildaclubnyc.org. Have a great day!"

Their recent charitable stunt revealed Emma wearing big pair of shades, gray tank top, black blazer, a black skirt, and a gray hat whereas Andrew was sporting gray shirt, a teal pants, and a beige newsboy hat.

The romantic duo both starred in "Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2," where Andrew played Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma portrayed Gwen Stacey. The first installment grossed  over $757 million and the second one earning over $701 million.  Sadly,  Emma Stone would no longer appear in the third installment of the movie as her character died in the film.            

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