‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Andrew Garfield Claims Justin Bieber's' Lifestyle 'Not Healthy'

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Looks like Justin Bieber's road to success will not only be the thing that "The Amazing Spiderman" star Andrew Garfield will keep his eyes on but his road to good behavior as well. Fame is like a double edge sword and the 30-year-old star knows it pointing out how the younger Bieber is not dealing well with his instant fame and fortune.

Who says fame is everything? Well, it sure is everything-except that you should not have it when you're 16 like Justin Bieber. No wonder hunk actor Andrew Garfield waited until he is already 30 when he took on the limelight.

While promoting "Amazing Spider-Man 2" in England, Garfield said that "had he achieved these opportunities at young age, he would have been Justin Bieber," according to Time Out London. He also referred to the "Baby" singer's lifestyle as "unhealthy" citing among others the fact that as a teen "he can do whatever the f***k he wants," "made trillions of dollars," and "have a leopard-print Ferrari."

Can the new face of Peter Parker be jealous of what the young singer has achieved then? The answer is a big NO. The actor has made a lot of reflections lately and realized that "he might have ended up in jail if he has gone through what he's going through now when he was 16," a Gossip Cop report said.

Perhaps Emma Stone's on-screen and off-screen partner is thanking God for not having a trip in jail instead he's been busy touring Europe, specifically in London, England and Paris, France for his movie, which has opened to 14 theaters abroad on Easter weekend.

While Garfield is having a career hype, young JB seems to make a quick turn away from the "bad influences" in his life, according to an exclusive by E online.

As a matter of fact, a close friend of the 20-year-old singer revealed that Justin Bieber is already "making changes in his life" and that "the bad influences in his life are being weeded out." Bieber is also taking an effort to hangout with those who can make positive influences to him. And despite being "out of balance" lately, he is still a "good kid," a Hollywood insider said.

Either way all "Beliebers" out there is surely watching too and supporting their idol. Many are still keeping their faith on the young Canadian superstar.

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