The Amazing Spider-man 3 Release Date Pushed Back to 2018 Plus Other Superhero Comic-con News

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An overview of the trade floor during the 2014 Comic-Con
An overview of the trade floor during the 2014 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 24, 2014. REUTERS

"The Amazing Spider-man 3" has been pushed back for a much later release date in 2018, a full two years later than the original 2016 announcement. This is the first big bombshell dished out for the San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

The original release date pegged for the third "Amazing Spider-man" installment featuring Andrew Garfield was pegged to be June 10, 2016. The new release date will be in 2018 but no definite month or day has been announced. This will be the third of the franchise with Garfield on lead after three other successful "Spider-man" movies featuring Tobey Maguire.

The fourth installment for "The Amazing Spider-man" was initially set to come out on May 4, 2018 but with the significant delay to the third film. The fourth installment, if it will in fact still push through would have to wait even longer possibly as far back as 2020.

Despite the long wait, Sony Pictures has something to offer for 2016 in the form of another superhero movie "Sinister Six" which is related to the "Spider-man" films since it features a group of six villains who are out to destroy New York City, the friendly, neighborhood webbed superhero's hometown. Some of the members of the Sinister Six such as Doc Octopus, Sandman and Electro have already made appearances in the previous "Spider-man/The Amazing  Spider-man" films.  The three other members of the group of sinister villains are Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Vulture.

Fans of the franchise will be pacified somewhat by the release of the "Sinister Six" film but many have been eagerly awaiting how Andrew Garfield's character Peter Parker will cope with the demise of his real life and on-screen sweetheart Emma Stone's character Gwen Stacey.

Meanwhile, other superhero movies have been creating buzz ahead of the comic-con. The cast of "Fantastic Four" is expected to be unveiled by 20th Century Fox .

Warner Brothers are also expected to have an exciting weekend with their own super hero flicks lined up like "Batman vs. Superman" and "Justice League."    

Marvel has already finished filming  "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" which is set to come out in 2015. Robert Downey Jr. has also stated ion recent reports that he is open to the possibility of doing a fourth "Iron Man" installment. 

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