‘The Amazing Spider Man 2’ Unveils New Villain

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The revamp of the Spiderman franchise by Sony seems more exciting than ever-the reboot is said to feature more villains for the web-spewing hero. According to reports, the movie is said to feature arch nemeses such as Rhino (to be played by Paul Giamatti), Electro (Jamie Foxx), Harry (played by Dane DeHaan), Norman Osborn (played by Chris Cooper). One of the cast shall don the Green Goblin outfit, as reports said.

In an interview, Marc Webb spilled the details of a possible addition to the bad guys-with B.J. Novak to portray the villainous role. The director confirmed over his Twitter account that Novak shall be playing the role of Alistair Smythe (also known as the Ultimate Spider Slayer) in the second installment of the newly franchised film.

The director tweeted "Almost shot ASM2 in B+W til bjnovak 's (A. Smythe) promo for his excellent book ONE MORE THING beat me to it" Along with a link showing the book trailer of Novak. However, it is yet to be known the exact role of Alistair Smythe when situated in the general story plot. However, a post from "The Daily Bugle" has ambiguously referred to Alistair's father, Spencer Smythe, as the head of the Oscorp R&D.

"The Amazing Spider Man 2" is said to be the second installment of a planned four-film series that will include spin-offs for "The Sinister Six" and "Venom" - just perfect for all diehard Spider Man fans. The final release dates of the movie is said to be May 2 for the US and April 18 for UK.

The movie shall feature familiar faces such as Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

The plot basically revolves around the personal struggle of Peter Parker - how the hero is to balance his superhero duties with that of his personal life. Only Spider Man can protect New York city from the onslaught of the villains. Parker must face the formidable Electro (Jamie Foxx) - he later realizes that all of his nemeses have one commonality, that is, OSCORP.  

Watch the exciting trailer of the film here: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - OFFICIAL Trailer - In Theaters May 2014

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