Amazing Spider-Man 2 Lands on Xbox 360 And Xbox One Consoles

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has recently crawled from Activision to Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, as a big retail and highly expected release.

While the Amazing Spider-Man 2 can be bought on disc for Xbox 360, the Xbox One version is for download only since the retail release hit some delays. The Xbox One downloadable version of this Spider-Man game comes in 10 GB. It does not look much better than the Xbox 360 version. But Spidey himself has at least a character model that is very detailed. Xbox One gamers who do not mind the long load times and plain graphics will probably have a fun time playing.

Open-world game Amazing Spider-Man 2 has Spidey swinging all over like the first Spider-Man game in Windows Phone. Players have now more control of each of Spidey's arm when his web swings and have more control over his momentum and movements.

For those who have played Amazing Spider-Man game as per the film with the same name will get the sequel concept. Amazing Spider-Man 2 game develops a distinct story where Peter Parker continues to look for the killer of his uncle Ben. He finds out a big threat to New York City which turned to be the underworld.

Parker's trail will lead him to many classic villains, some of whom are not seen in the films such as the Kingpin of crime. Villains from the classic characters and from the film are woven together in thrilling web-slinging action to put the gamers on an encounter with evils, which at times, are beyond Spider-Man's reckoning.

Gamers will fight against all the villains from Spider-Man's world with new mechanics in web swings, extended capabilities for web shooting and chemical properties which let freezing and blowing up items on impact.

The fight is instinctive and quick as the gamer punches, dodges and mix things up by zipping to the enemies, shooting web balls or pulling the bad guy. Beating the bad guys will earn Spidey experience and different suits to wear, thus, there is an interesting customization and progression. The "Hero or Menace" system will give the gamer rewards for acting as Spider-Man, solving crimes and saving people.

The game is available online. For Xbox One, 9.9 GB is at $59.99 Amazon Preorder Link and Xbox Store Link. For Xbox 360, 6.5 GB is at $49.99 Amazon Link and Store Link.

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