‘The Amazing Race’ Season 24 Episode 10 Recap – Bull Down

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The teams head to Seville, Spain to learn to shave? There is one more u-turn and the Afghanimals are not going to waste it. The competition is getting intense in leg 10 of "The Amazing Race" and one team is sent packing for coming last.

Dave and Connor got to go first and took the first available flight to reach Seville, Spain. The Afghanimals also reached early to find that the clue would be arriving in the morning and they would not get any major advantage for reaching early.

The clue this time takes them to a barber shop in Seville and they should learn how to shave a balloon in 60 seconds without popping it. Dave and Connor were able to complete the task quickly as Jamal struggled with repeated popping of the balloon.

The detours in this episode of "The Amazing Race" were learning dance or to "run with bulls," which required them to get inside of a plastic bubble in the shape of a bull and run in the streets avoiding the other bulls.

Caroline and Jennifer had to do a Speed bump task before taking on the detour. The task was to deliver six Spanish hams to a cafe. They were the only team to choose the dancing detour and they completed it in the very first attempt. Brendon and Rachel were happy to see that they were not getting the u-turn.

Jet and Cord were shocked to find that they were u-turned by Leo and Jamal. They had to go back and try the dancing detour. They were the last team to arrive and got eliminated, they said that they were happy to have taken part in "The Amazing Race" and see Spain. Leo and Jamal said that the cowboys were a strong team and wanted them out of the race.

Dave and Connor won leg 10 of "The Amazing Race" and the prize was a trip to Saint Croix. They will stay at a beach side villa for seven nights with all meals paid for. They will also get an adventure tour of the rainforest, snorkelling at Buck Island and a sea turtle exploration.

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