'The Amazing Race' 2014 Recap: Bopper Minton Thinks Mallory And Mark A 'Strong Team?'

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On the latest "Amazing Race" episode entitled, "Baby Bear's Soup," Mallory and Mark commit a big mistake that might have jeopardized their chances to continue the race. Phil Keoghan returned as the host for the show and season 11's all-star teams have embarked on an adventure around the globe for around 25 days.

In a recent interview with Reality TV World, Bopper Minton was asked what teams he thinks are strong competitors this season. The first team that came to his mind were Mallory and Mark. He also cited the reasons he thinks the producers picked Ervin as his replacement after he withdrew last minute because of his enflamed pancreas.

"It had to be somebody that's run the race before, which Mallory has. It had to be somebody from Kentucky, which Mallory is. Actually, when it comes down to it, they had no other choice, I don't think, than to let Mallory fill my shoes," Minton said.

"She's the only one who brings the energy, you know, as far as being from Kentucky and how we're the Kentucky team."

Twin sisters Nadiya and Natalie were eliminated recently from the Amazing Race All-Stars while Mallory and Mark keep struggling with communication and mistakes.

The episode opens at an Opera House, where Cord and Jet departed first for winning the last part of the race. While Cord and Jet should find the Chen Clan Academy to get the next clue, they also need to choose who to give their Express Pass to and how it will benefit them the most. The next team to depart was the Big Brother alums Rachel and Brendon, followed by Luke and Margie.

Rachel and Brendon first arrived at Chen Clan Academy where a martial arts student stamped the clue on their foreheads. They ran out on the street to ask cab drivers if they know how to get to the address on their foreheads.

While Cord and Jet departed first, they made a mistake of walking to get to the Academy while other teams took cabs and the train. John and Jessica were the 8th to arrive at the Chen Clan Academy while Cord and Jet and Jennifer and Caroline were last in the race. Rachel and Brendon arrived fourth.

Teams were instructed to assemble a toy car in the Road Block and deliver it to the Guangzhou Children's Cultural Center, where they can find the next clue. Mallory and Mark delivered their car at the school but Mark wanted to go back for his backpack before moving to the next leg of the race.

Mallory knew it was going to cost them the race and indeed, it did. Mallory and Mark are now eliminated from the Amazing Race, arriving at the pit-stop in 10th place.

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