Is Amanda Bynes Turning to a Living Barbie Doll? [PHOTOS]

Amanda Bynes Posted an Interesting Photo Looking Like a Barbie Doll


Has Amanda Bynes gone overboard after posting an "interesting" photo of herself, looking much like a living "barbie" doll?

The 26-year old She's the Man star has posted a picture of self on Instagram wearing blond wigs, much like a barbie doll. But what caught her followers' attention is the interesting image that the Big Fat Liar star was trying to suggest.

Looking much like a barbie doll, Bynes was described by OMG!Yahoo as "super tan and wearing a ton of eye makeup and pink-frosted lips."

While she appeared to be trying to look like a living barbie doll, her Twitter followers didn't share her enthusiasm. Her recent photos posted on Twitter has created buzz on the Twitterverse as followers couldn't reconcile the young actress with her barbie-look.

Comedian Jake Fogelnest tweeted joking: "You seem well." "Praying for you," another of the star's follower tweeted in reaction to her new look.

If only Bynes could read between the lines!

Her recent photos of barbie dolls posted on Instagram had led followers and critics alike to believe that the What a Girl Wants star is trying to emulate her "iconic 'i-dolls'". You can check out the photos of Bynes' barbie dolls here.

Not only her photos however, have prompted many to think that she may be acting odd lately. Her "random thoughts" posted recently have also caused quite a stir.

"I don't care who kissed you first as long as I kiss you last" and "Forgetting past memories," are just some of the thoughts Bynes had posted, according to OMG!Yahoo.

She is one of the very few actresses in Hollywood who declared retirement from the entertainment industry not just once but twice.

First in June 2010: "I don’t love acting anymore, so I’ve stopped doing it," Bynes said, taking to her Twitter page for the announcement of her first retirement. Not too long after, Bynes retracted announcement and claimed after one month that she was merely "taking time off."

Second in September 2012: The Sydney White star claimed that she is retiring from acting and would instead focus on "launching her career as a fashion designer."

Bynes had frequently made headlines last year for the web of legal battles she was facing, paving the way for everyone to think that she was following Lindsay Lohan's footstep.

Timeline of Bynes legal battles:

March 7, 2012: Bynes was spotted talking on her cellphone while driving, prompting the Los Angeles police to stop her. April 6, 2012: Bynes side-swiped a police car in West Hollywood at 3 a.m. She was later arrested and charged with driving under the influence. June 5, 2012: Bynes was officially charged with driving under the influence. September 4,2012: Bynes was charged with hit-and-run related to leaving the scene of two separate accidents (April 10 and August 4). September 6, 2012: The US Department of Motor Vehicles in California suspended Bynes' driver's license. September 16, 2012: Bynes' black BMW was officially impounded when caught driving with a suspended license September 26, 2012: Bynes was officially charged with driving with suspended license. September 27, 2012: Bynes pleaded not guilty to two charges of hit-and-run December 17, 2012: First court date for Bynes was set. December 14, 2012: Settlement was reached with other parties in two separate incidents (April and August) that charges was dismissed. No court hearings were set for Bynes.

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