Amanda Bynes Sentenced to 3 Years Probation and 3-Month Alcohol Education Program as Part of DUI Plea Deal

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"What a Girl Wants" actress Amanda Bynes was sentenced on Monday, Feb. 24, to three years of probation and three months of alcohol education classes after the actress allegedly ran her BMW into a Los Angeles sheriff deputy's cruiser while trying to pass it about 3 o'clock in the morning near Robertson and Santa Monica boulevards in West Hollywood.

Bynes was arrested and booked for suspicion of DUI, but refused to take the sobriety test. Bynes was released on bail later that day on April 6, 2012.

Two months later, in June 2012, the DUI charge was filed. According to CNN, after the cruiser incident, Bynes picked up two hit-and-run cases in the next several months, along with a charge of driving with a suspended license, but all of those charges were eventually dropped.

Los Angeles Times reported that Bynes had broken several laws in Los Angeles and New York, including a New York criminal case relating to an incident involving a bong allegedly thrown from her Manhattan apartment window 36 floors down to the ground that ended up with her setting Oaks home and being taken into custody on a mental health hold in 2013 by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

The 27-year-old troubled actress went into a residential psychiatric treatment facility for four months, and Bynes mother, Lynn, was granted conservatorship. A judge placed Bynes under an involuntary psychiatric hold which was extended at her parents' request.

Since getting out, Bynes had been attending college classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Orange County. And according to E! News, Bynes has been spending lots of time reconnecting with her mom Lynn and dad Rick. Bynes also jumpstarted the New Year with a $3,250 week-long trip to Miracles Fitness Retreat in Utah.

Bynes' attorney Richard Hutton moved forward with the case today, Feb. 25, and entered a no-contest plea to an amended VC 23103, which is called "wet reckless".

The charge known as "wet reckless" is considered to be a result from a plea bargain to reduce charge of drunk driving.

Bynes was reported to be not in court today, Feb. 25. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Edward Moreton still sentenced Bynes. The actress is expected to be under probation for three years. 

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