Amanda Bynes' Parents Playing Matchmakers to Their Daughter, Screen Suitors

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Amanda Bynes' parents are reportedly playing matchmakers for their daughter. After her stint at the rehab, Amanda Bynes seem on solid path towards recovery. She is currently studying Fashion and has recently announced her return to Twitterverse by...tweeting about it. She might be okay, but her parents also believe is ready to date and that dating is good for her. Before she goes and meet some men who can be detrimental to her recovery and well-being however, the parents are stepping in early in the game and choosing who are going to be lucky enough to become Bynes' suitor.

The Easy A Actress had a stormy 2013, which includes her being hospitalized in July and being placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold. She was also entered into rehab afterwards until she completed the program in December. Last year, fans of the young actress were struck with the bizarre and erratic behavior of the actress, and many are happy that everything seems quiet this year.

Now that she is on her way to recovery and getting her life back, she is thought to be interested in dating again, Irish Independent reports. However, parents Rick and Lynn Bynes do not just want any guy dating their daughter and risk breaking the precarious situation she is in. The parents are said to be extra protective of their daughter. This does not mean they do not want Amanda Bynes dating. It just means they are the ones who are very hands on in finding the right male suitor for Amanda.

"Amanda is in a state where someone could come in and take advantage of her, so her parents are trying to find dates through friends," National Enquirer magazine reveals and Irish Independent reports. "Her parents are very protective. They won't let Amanda date just anyone - bad boy types need not apply!" the magazine added.

Dating aside, Amanda Bynes certainly is very open and cooperative when it comes to her recovery. Not only had she enrolled in school and working out regularly, she is also regularly going out with her parents and living with her parents in Thousand Oaks. 

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