Amanda Bynes: A Growing Collection of Photos of her Disturbing Behavior [PHOTOS]

Amanda Bynes’s Increasing Odd Behavior in Photos


Amanda Bynes has been making headlines not for good deeds but for an increasing odd, others call it “worsening” behavior. Her tweets have become more disturbing and they are increasing in numbers too. But what’s more disturbing are images of self she has been posting on her Twitter account.

The What I Like About You star first made real big buzz early this month when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram looking more like a living barbie doll. What’s disturbing are the captions and other photos she teamed it up with: images of her favorite... dolls, of course.

Then came a picture of herself with cheek piercings. Covering her eyes with big sunglasses, the image gave emphasis more on the rounded metallic object on both her cheeks, as if one silver stud wasn’t enough.

Her latest photos has dubbed Bynes “the new favorite person” in social media. As if another call for a hot mate, as she did with Canadian hitmaker, Drake, whom she mentioned on Twitter “wanting him to murder” her private part, Bynes showed off her cleavage, wearing a printed cleavage baring outfit.

A caption of the photo speaks more of her thoughts of the day: “I’m pudgy.”

The Daily Mail noted in another photo however, that Bynes must have had a “change of heart” as she quickly replaced the busty photo with selfie covering her twins with a bluish polo with a caption that says, “Feeling so fresh today.”

No captions were needed to describe her image of the week but it sure did get the attention of users in the Twitterverse.

Katelyn Roethemeier ‏@lovekatelee: “Amanda Bynes lost her mind. Oh, and she's wearing a wig in all her pics these days, FYI.” KellyKush ‏@Rastainurbrain: “I didnt even recognize Amanda Bynes in her twitter pics. Wuuuuuuut is she doing.” T. R. Jenkins ‏@Kas_LA: “Looking at recent pics of Amanda Bynes and literally all I can do is squint.”

This increasing (or worsening) odd behavior is summed up by TooFab writer Sarah Taylor (with a hash tag, mind you) as could be #identitycrises or #girlproblems or simply, #terminalwardrobemalfunctions.

Sarah Taylor of TooFab: “To be fair, there's probably a lot more going on there than just #girlproblems. It could be things more along the lines of #identitycrises, or even #terminalwardrobemalfunctions. Those two probably sum it up quite nicely, save for the whole superficial, sugar-coating thing that's definitely happening.”

Perez Hilton said Bynes wanted to become more relevant. Does she? Or does she need help? Tell us what you think.

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