Amanda Bynes Getting Help From Wyclef Jean To Produce Rap Album


Amanda Bynes' music career is starting to look bright now that Wyclef Jean has reportedly agreed to produce her album. Wyclef, who has led the hip-hop super group Fugees in the '90s, might be able to help the troubled actress regain her non-existent showbiz career and improve her negative image.

The "retired" actress has been vocal about her desire to start a hip-hop career ever since she became active on Twitter this year. She may not be the most likeable person in the industry today, but that is about to change in the near future.

She has allegedly met with Wyclef to give her career a boost that it needs.

"Wyclef is the perfect producer for Amanda's first single, because he isn't only about making records," an insider told

"He's a humanitarian and politician, so this will not be a typical album."

The source called the collaboration "something very special," adding that "Wyclef is familiar with Amanda's talent and sound, so it only makes sense to have her sit down with someone of his calibre."

Amanda has been offered a hip-hop record by Chinga Chang Records earlier this month. They are apparently moving fast to finish the record while she's still relevant.

"They're envisioning something similar to Wyclef's production of Lil Wayne's Sweetest Girl."

Meanwhile, the wannabe singer claims that she feels like she was being "punked" by all the hate that she's been receiving.

"I feel like I'm being punked by the amount of hate from ugly dudes and women. I don't know you and you don't know what you're talking about," she tweeted following reports that she had attacked a tourist in Atlantic City after he tried to take her picture.

"If I don't like you I don't want you to be happy and I'll go out of my way to hurt you," she wrote.


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