Alyssa Rosales: Twitter Users Compare ‘Dog Girl’ to ‘Tampon Girl’


The competition for internet fame continues. This time, a girl named Alyssa Rosales brought a new level of shock that eventually outshined "Tampon Girl" Giovanna Plowman with her viral "Dog Sex Video."

Teenager Giovanna Plowman has been making headlines all week long until Alyssa Rosales decided to do something and snatch away the limelight from the "Tampon Girl." Without a doubt, Alyssa Rosales succeeded for she will always be remembered as the girl who had sexual intercourse with her dog.

Just like Giovanna Plowman, Alyssa Rosales is proud to announce her unbelievable stunt through her Twitter account @AlyssaRosaIes. Though the account has not yet been validated, a message posted reads: "Official Twitter Of Alyssa Rosales. I'm the girl who made that video with the dog, i lost a bet and i had to do it.. so stop hating!"

Meanwhile, users of the social networking site "Twitter" has once again reacted in disbelief with this latest internet phenomenon featuring Alyssa Rosales. Twitter user @italianbiitchh wrote this message: "Giovanna plowman & alyssa rosales are dirty nasty pigs. That's all."

"That Alyssa Rosales video is beyond wrong. It makes the tampon video ok," username @itsdavid88 posted on Twitter. Another baffled Twitter user, @faithfularry, expressed the religious opinion that both Giovanna Plowman and Alyssa Rosales need Jesus in their lives.

Parenting issues has been brought up once again with the controversial videos involving the two internet stars. "If your role model is Giovanna Plowman or Alyssa Rosales, you need psychiatric help. Their parents are failures," Twitter user @xDurrrgx81881 commented.

"First giovanna plowman, and now alyssa rosales.... 2013 is gonna be a baaaad year," username @payholla posted on Twitter.

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