Alyssa Rosales, Giovanna Plowman, Dino Bruscia: The New Internet Sensations Your Kids Could Be Following [PHOTOS]

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Alyssa Rosales (Dog Girl), Giovanna Plowman (Tampon Girl) and Dino Bruscia (Poop-Ice Cream Guy) are today's internet "celebrities" for reasons you parents will probably not believe. Then again, what haven't you seen online? It's time to find out.

If your kids are on Twitter, there is no limit to the kind of information they will absorb. And Twitter is just one - albeit big enough - part of the entire global social network scene. You may or may have not heard about these so-called online celebrities. But you definitely must know enough about these young children and what they do for attention and fame.

Parental Guidance: Who is Alyssa Rosales aka Dog Girl? (Parents, hold your breath)

There must be a way to be more delicate, but the stunt Alyssa Rosales pulled hardly deserves that. How much can you handle when it comes to tolerance? Alyssa Rosales posted a video of herself going at it with a dog.

"I'm the girl who made that video with the dog, i lost a bet and i had to do it.. so stop hating! [sic]" This is the Twitter profile description set by Alyssa Rosales, Dog Girl.

Your kids must be smart, emotionally and mentally sound beings who know right from wrong. But in case they are unable to process what other kids their age are doing, you would want to talk about these things with them.

Parental Guidance: Who is Giovanna Plowman aka Tampon Girl? (Mothers, this really happened)

Giovanna Plowman owned the social network spotlight until Dog Girl "stole" it from her. Suffice it to say these attention-seeking rivals do not like each other. Tampon Girl earned her name for sucking on her own used tampon - and filming it for the world to see. Then she made it look like she committed suicide over bullying issues. She is all too happy about the results. She enjoys having "fans."

"hii i'm the new youtube star i ONLY made that video cause it was a dare, and i wanted to get famous! [sic]" This is how Giovanna Plowman, Tampon Girl, describes herself on the same microblogging site.

Parental Guidance: Who is Dino Bruscia aka Poop-Ice Cream Guy? (Dads, this is some father's son)

"Have you guys seen MY best friend @DinoBruscia Eating his poop with ice cream?" This is collaboration at work. Fame-seeking Tampon Girl teams up with a "kid" who is probably so bored, he had to do something wild and show it to the world. Dino Bruscia posted a video of himself eating his own poop on ice cream.

Plowman and Bruscia teamed up and announced they are "married" on Facebook. "No fetish. I just like to eat poop with ice cream and she likes bloody tampons! Let us be!!" Bruscia posted to his Facebook page.

That must have all been hard to take. But these are the kids your own kids must have watched, seen, or heard about. And they all gained fame in a few days' time.

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