Allison Baden-Clay: A Look Back into the Month of Her Disappearance, Death and Troubled Marriage

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Three weeks since her body was discovered dead in a creek, no suspect behind the killing of Queenslander Allison Baden-Clay has been arrested. Reports of her husband's affair have surfaced amid police investigations.

A month has passed since Allison, mother of three young children, was reported missing by her husband Gerard on April 20 at 7:30 am. Below are quick details into Allison's disappearance, tragic death and troubled marriage.

- Gerard was reported to have said that Allison did not return from her usual morning walk, and he last saw her on the night of April 19 at around 10pm, watching television.

- Police was notified in the morning of April 30 that a woman's body was found near the home of Baden-Clay. Forensic examination was done to identify the woman.

- Within two days since examining the dead woman's body, police confirmed the remains belong to Baden-Clay.

- Baden-Clay's body was discovered under the Kholo Creek Bridge at Anstead by a canoeist. The location was a 20-minute drive from her family home.

- A witness has reportedly come forward and told police of seeing two four-wheel-drives near Kholo Creek crossing early on the day Allison Baden-Clay was reported missing.

- The Baden-Clays' cars were taken in by police for forensic tests. The cars, a white Toyota Prado and a silver Holden Captiva, have both been released since getting examined by police.      

- A month since Allison's body was found, police are still interviewing Baden-Clay's family and friends to find out missing links in the murder.

- Police has told Australian news that they believed Baden-Clay was killed by someone she knew.

- The media learned recently that police has talked at least three times to a woman named Toni McHugh, who reportedly had an affair with Gerard.

- McHugh was a staffer in the Baden-Clays' real estate franchise.

- It was reported that the affair between Gerard and McHugh was widely known among the Baden-Clay family and friends, but they had thought it had ended last year. Police confirmed otherwise.

-  McHugh had resigned after Allison had discovered the affair, according to a Daily Telegraph report.

- The affair has now been a focus of police investigations.

- Both Gerard and McHugh have refused to give interviews. Gerard's lawyer also did not answer media questions on the reported affair.

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