All in A Day’s Work…Not: Window Cleaners Dangle Atop Austria’s Tallest Tower (VIDEO)

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I want to earn a living but this is definitely not what I came here for. These were probably the thoughts of two window cleaners who dangled while working on the 48th floor of a building in Vienna, Austria.

The pair of men were working outside the DC Tower 1 high atop 472 feet (144 metres) when their platform "slipped" 45 degrees. It didn't help to assuage the men's fear that strong winds further rocked their platform, seemingly putting them to a sleep with a lullaby in the background.

One of the men was seen holding desperately to a raised edge of the platform while perhaps endless muttering prayers and entertaining razing thoughts of what could happen in case the cables of the platform snap.

But it was a very lucky day for the workers as 30 firefighters worked zealously to rescue them.

The firefighters worked to first secure the cradle with extra cables to prevent it from slipping further in strong winds, according to the Telegraph.

The two men escaped the ordeal unharmed, albeit the other in shock.

The DC Tower 1 is Austria's tallest skyscraper. It stands at 820 feet.

Reports said it still has yet to be determined what cause the platform to drop to a 45 degree angle.

Video below.


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