All About ‘Watch Dogs’: PS4 Screens Feature Graphics, New Easter Eggs and a Caution for Torrent Version

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Following "inFamous: Second Son," there's a new game on the block, and it's "Watch Dogs," the much-awaited game from Ubisoft that has finally reached its release date on the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

With many leaks from gamers already out in the wild, it's not surprising that screenshots of the game are also making rounds for everyone to see.

"Watch Dogs " launch trailer (via YouTube/Ubisoft)

Such is the finding that Gamingbolt has stumbled upon, wherein a Reddit user has posted a number of screen grabs that feature the detail and graphics of "Watch Dogs" as seen on the PS4.

Granted, the details do indeed bring justice to the time spent developing the game, another report from Gamepur compares some screenshots featuring similar environment and lighting between "Watch Dogs" and "inFamous: Second Son." Sadly, the PS4 exclusive does offer more eye candy with the sheer amount of detail alone, not to mention the more realistic renderings of the city. Hit the link and see the comparisons yourself.

Easter Eggs Teased for "Watch Dogs"

A couple of gamers have already had a run with "Watch Dogs," Ubisoft's most recently released game. And already, Easter Eggs have been appearing, like one that was spotted by DualShockers.

In the screenshot in the link, one of the characters in "Watch Dogs" is labeled as a 'former Abstergo employee." Fans of the "Assassin's Creed" franchise would know this immediately as the multinational conglomerate that fronts the Templar Order in the game.

According to the report, this was a second Easter Egg crossover between the two, with one other found in "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" in reference to "Watch Dogs."

A question here is whether or not a possible crossover may be in the future of the two games. Recently, it was announced that Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon Phantoms" and "Assassin's Creed" will have a crossover pack, where three character classes in "Ghost Recon Phantoms" can be customised with the armor, weapons and headgear taken from the "Assassin's Creed" world.

"The community response was very positive when we released our first Assassin's Creed crossover during open beta for the Recon class. So we decided to produce a brand new and much more in-depth Assassin's Creed pack including gear and weapons for all three classes," said Felix Marlo Flor, Ghost Recon Phantoms art director over the Ubisoft's community forum. "Bringing Assassin's Creed into the futuristic setting of Ghost Recon Phantoms while staying true to both worlds was an exciting challenge.

Bitcoin Miner in "Watch Dogs" Pirated Version

Here's one more reason why gamers should avoid opting for pirated games. Gamecrastinate has found that a circulating online copy of "Watch Dogs" via Torrent has been installing a Bitcoin mining virus once downloaded and ran in a computer.

Consequences of pirating "Watch Dogs" include instability of your device and crashes, which will just add to your headache as opposed to if you had bought the game legitimately.

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