Aliens Co-exist With Humans on Earth, Former Canadian Minister Claims

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It seems like that Pope Francis is not the only person on earth, who is not happy about various wars and overall violence on earth [Read Here]. Paul Hellyer, former defence minister of Canada, has claimed that aliens are not ready to share their technological expertise with earth people since they are disgusted with pollution and wars. He has also insisted that aliens do exist on earth.

Mr Hellyer, 90, has been one of the acclaimed believers of the existence of aliens on earth. He served as the Liberal defence minister between 1963 and 1967 when Lester B Pearson was the prime minister of Canada. He first expressed belief regarding aliens' existence on earth in 2005.

Mr Hellyer gave an interview to Sophie Shevardnadze on Russia Today. According to him, about 80 different alien species exist. Some of them look exactly like human beings. It is not possible for human beings to recognise them even if they walk past one. Most of the aliens are "benign and benevolent;" whereas, they want to help humans, he said. On the contrary, there can be a species or two which are not ready to help humans.

Mr Hellyer's opinions about aliens have a striking similarity with what we have already seen in Star Trek. He mentions about a cosmos and an aliens federation which has rules against interfering human affairs. Similar ideas have already been portrayed in the movie.

According to Mr Hellyer, the aliens are not happy with humans cutting the forests and polluting rivers and lakes. They are also apparently bothered about the sewage dumping into the oceans. All these things prove that human beings are not "good stewards" of the earth, and it does not please the aliens, he said.

Mr Hellyer claimed to have witnessed a UFO himself a couple of years back. It was close to his cottage on Lake Muskoka near Toronto. He compared the UFO with a star in terms of appearance. When Ms Shevardnadze asked him why he thought UFOs were as real as aeroplanes, he emphatically said: "Because I know that they are". He claimed that aliens had been visiting earth for "thousands of years".


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