Alienation: A Play About Alien Abduction Happening in Australia


The Perth Theatre Company's latest production, Alienation, may leave audience members pondering "Are we really alone in the universe?"

Alienation revolves around the stories of three Australians narrating their close encounters with the third kind. The premise is also in conjunction with what many extraterrestial believers claim that three Australians are contacted by aliens every day.

Lachlan Philpotts, one of the most distinguished playwrights in Australia, was inspired by  Mary Rodwell's 2010  SBS documentary about alien abduction, which led him to write Alienation.

Rodwell is an expert in UFO phenomena who founded the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) in 1997. ACERN specializes in helping alien abductees cope up with their traumas.

"I guess I do a lots studies to look at what is going on, particularly in Australia, and I kind of had a few encounters with people who were talking about it," says the playwright, "and there was a documentary on SBS which was called, 'My Mother Talks to Aliens' that was really is a great medium for telling these kind of stories," he said in an interview with Out in Perth.

"We're interested in how people are expected to carry on with a normal life after they've experienced the unexplainable, and how we define normality in a world where so much remains unknown and undiscovered. How do you finish baking a roast, or studying for an exam when you are being beamed into a spaceship, and what do you tell your boyfriend when he comes home? This production will offer audiences a new perspective on an age-old question... are we really alone?" Melissa Cantwell, director of Alienation, said. 

Alienation stars Naomi Hanbury, Luke Hewitt, Robert Jago and Natalie Holmwood. This is a co-production with Q Theatre Company.

Catch Alienation until July 13, 2013 at the Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA. Visit the Perth Theatre Company's official web site for tickets and show schedule.

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