Alien Theories That Could Support Latest Mars 'Light' Sighting [VIDEO]

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News broke out recently about the controversial white light captured by NASA's Curiosity rover in planet Mars. NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Scientists and others were quick to debunk the latest "alien" sighting in the red planet. But the idea of a possible intelligent life existing in Mars is still believed by some enthusiasts. Many extra-terrestrial or alien-related stories are out there for some time now. Theories, studies, and documentaries about aliens altogether have been around since older days. Most people nowadays, especially "netizens", who are used to the daily flow of strange, weird stories here and there around the web, poke fun at this "alien" news. One reason could be that aliens have never ever been proven (at least publicly), and if there ever really have been captured live specimens, space crafts, and what-not, covert government agencies are said quickly to hide substantial evidence. But no one actually knows for sure. That is why the notion for alien existence is "quite the pickle" to prove for any one.

About the recent mysterious light incident on Mars, and the idea that the light came from some kind of extra-terrestrial life form beneath the dunes, there were already theories that may support it.

In Youtube there is a channel named "What They Don't Want You To Know" that is created by an anonymous "New World Order" or "nWo" group. The channel has a list of documentary videos about aliens and mysterious events. One of their videos shows how there were "Martian" inhabitants before in the red planet.

They go on about showing "evidence" of a civilization that once lived there. According to the video, the Martian civilization was ruled by highly-intelligent, dominant, and hostile male species. Eventually, the inhabitants, having advanced technology weapons and totally unemotional personalities, had a planet-wide war and caused destruction everywhere, thus leaving Mars to what it looks like now. The result of the war and destruction was so great that the planet was left with nothing but only a desolate red land.

After the tumultuous war, the "Martians" were believed to have moved to Earth, or stayed in Mars and created an underground city. This theory may support the light incident that seemed to have come out beneath the surface of Mars. Then there are the Martians who moved to Earth. They are said to have thrived with the humans, and lived closely together without being exposed. As the video theorizes, these Martians who are innately evil, intelligent, unemotional, and dominating, are the ones behind the curtains of public knowledge controlling the government system of the world. True to being conspiracy theorists, NWO believes some Martians are actually in the highest ranks of "Illuminati" (a totally different topic).

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Another video submitted to the list of NWO's channel shows photos taken in the surface of Mars. The photos show wasted and withered building structures similar in design and pattern to the ancient wonders Egypt has which are the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Great Sphinx, just to name a few.

The reason why extra-terrestrial life is still believed nowadays, especially with the recent news of the discovery of water in Mars, and the white light sighting, is because there are a lot of theories out there for a long time. Some of them could be true, some downright crazy and unbelievable, but in the future progress will be made to dig the truth about the elusive alien life sought by many.

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