Alien Base Found on Moon: UFO Enthusiasts Celebrate [Watch Video]

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A weathervane is seen in front of the moon in Lausanne March 19, 2011.
A weathervane is seen in front of the moon in Lausanne March 19, 2011. Reuters

The moon has fascinated the earthly world in countless ways. Whether there remains existence of life beyond Earth is a question that has never died down.

And UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects have added to the extra curiosity for ages.

The quest to find out more about UFOs, extraterrestrial life and the reality of the moon seems to be ever increasing, with each passing day.

According to the latest report by the Daily Mirror, an alien base has been spotted on Google Moon.

An extremely unusual structure was found on the online lunar mapping service by one of the avid enthusiasts of the Ufology Web site

According to the claim, there was a distinct sight of a dark shape on Google Moon, the software that showed a photographic map of the equatorial region of the moon. It came across as a prominent evidence for an alien base on the Moon.

The video footage was posted online by renowned UFO spotter Scott Waring. And it has gone viral amongst the viewers since then.

"On the back side alone there are seven to eight right angles. The darkness around the edges seems to tell us that there is a large cavity underneath the structure, under the ground and also along the edges here there is a walled area which tells us there is a cavity there because the wall is to keep things from falling in," Waring was quoted saying.

The coordinates of the “building” were reported to be 19°43'02.81" N 20°30'52.97” E.

"It is a pretty amazing structure," Waring said.

As explained by Daily Mirror, the beginning of 2014 also witnessed another lunar object, which speculated that aliens were found on the surface of the moon. The unusual craft-looking structure with a row of seven light dots along the edge was observed in a series of images on Google Earth.

It was located by one paranormal researcher named as WowForReel, who posted a video footage on YouTube following his observation.

Millions of people watched this video and went into a state of frenzy.

Youtube/ Scott Waring Youtube/ WowForReel

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