Alien Abductions: Fact or Fiction?

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Alien abductions are a popular subject in films but in real life, a person allegedly abducted by aliens is rarely believed by the public. While many do not believe in extraterrestrial life, the mystery of the unknown and the mystery of the universe itself keeps many, believers and non-believers alike, strangely attracted to stories of UFOs and alien beings. 

According to Live Science, thousands or even millions of Americans claim that they were abducted by aliens and most of these "abductees" had traumatic experiences. Psychologists say however that the "abductions" were lucid dreams.

One question remains however, where did the abduction story root from?

According to paranormal investigators, the phenomenon started in the 1940s specifically associating the abductions to what happened in Roswell, New Mexico. By the year 1946, sci-fi literature soared in America possibly from the public interest in the subject.

The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill is one of most publicised abductions in the 60s but someone was abducted first before the Hills -it was Antonio Vilas Boas, who was reportedly abducted by aliens in the 50s.  A pilot named Kenneth Arnold also got media attention when he claimed to have seen UFOs in 1947.

Paleo Abductions?

Cases of people claiming to have been abducted by aliens only got widespread attention in the 60s but there were other similar stories before these abductions according to Jerome Clark, a UFO researcher.

According to an account of Colonel H.G. Shaw in the Daily Mail in the year 1897, the colonel and a friend of his were "harassed" by three tall humanoids. The creatures reportedly tried to kidnap the colonel and his friend but the two were able to fight back.

Charles Fort, a writer from America wrote in 1923, according to Resologist, "One supposes that if extra-mundane vessels have sometimes come close to this earth, then sailing away, terrestrial aeronauts may have occasionally left this earth, or may have been seized and carried away from this earth".

Before the Boas case, Fred Reagan's UFO experience was published in the Flying Saucer Review. Reagan was reportedly in his airplane when a UFO bumped into it. The occupants of the craft, who reportedly resembled asparagus made out of metal, apologised to the Reagan. According to Dan Clore's 2005 book "The Unspeakable and Others", attempted to cure Fred Reagan's cancer. Sources say that Reagan died after the encounter citing brain disorder.

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