Alien Abduction: Hoboken Painter Shares 'Real' Alien Abduction Experiences

Huggins Claims To Have Fathered More Than 60 Hybrid Alien-Human Babies
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David Huggins of Hoboken is an artist who through his work depicts his own encounter with aliens. Huggins claims to have been first abducted by aliens when he was 8 years old. The painter has been called to the Balance Hair Salon, a very novel and rock 'n' roll type of salon, to showcase his alien art exhibit called "UFO Abduction Experience" for its new location.  

Huggins had visited the Salon back in 2011 when he shared his experiences of repeated alien contact. Three years later, the salon is welcoming him again; Huggins will exhibit his oil paintings that show his "real" abduction experiences. One of his paintings, "Leaving the House," have tiny gray skinned aliens, they are pulling a man whom Huggins refers to himself, to a glowing UFO.

Huggins not only had alien encounters but also claims that he developed a romantic relationship with a female alien. One of his paintings, "The Packaged Gray," shows a similar gray alien who seems to be a woman. She is holding an alien-human baby inside a container. Huggins calls the woman Crescent and said he had nearly 60 children with her.

He said, "Over time we formed a mutual romantic, emotional and sexual relationship." He described her with black hair, large almond shaped eyes, pale faced and thin lips. "She has a small nose with a pointed chin." His interview about his alien abduction is featured in the Jersey Journal in 2011.

He even claimed that he taught the aliens how to care for young ones. He has even been featured in a documentary, "The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up" in 2013. Huggins' abduction experiences have stopped now and he said that he has is not in touch with the aliens since. Huggins is keen on sharing his story with the world through his paintings. He thinks it is what the aliens want from him, to tell his story. "People really like the paintings and ask me all types of questions. I just enjoy showing them."

Balance owner, Carla Anderson, is thrilled to have Huggins back as she said that she herself is a huge UFO and space fan. She stated that she is obsessed with them. Her salon, designed by Vincent Minervini, reflects "spaceships" and the "outer space."

Located near Jersey City Tattoo Company and Lucky 7 Tavern, the new salon is set to open on Sept. 5, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Visitors can see the art by David Huggins there.

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