Alex Leapai to Practice with Tall Boxers

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Australian heavyweight boxer Alex Leapai, born in Samoa, said he will practice with boxers who are taller than him to gear up for the upcoming heavyweight championship title against Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine.

Klitschko, who is 15 centimetres taller than Leapai, has an advantage when it comes to height. But the Australian boxer clarified he will take every possible step to prepare for the title.

Leapai said, "The guys who I'll be sparring next week are six foot seven and you know we'll be using just their reach, their jab and that."

"They're going to try and imitate Wladimir's fighting style and it's just my job to get inside and do what I've gotta do to take out Wladimir."

"And these guys will be good for sparring for this fight."

Leapai will face an American and a Romanian heavyweight boxer in the next couple of weeks during the training session.

Klitschko is a celebrated heavyweight champion. He is the longest reigning IBF, WBO and IBO champion in the history of boxing.

For Australia, it has been ages they fought for the unified world heavyweight title.

With a recent leg injury, Leapai confirmed he is back in full throttle.

He said, "Everything is 110 per cent."

"Coming back from the last fight I got straight on top of my injury with my calf. We did a lot of hydrotherapy type stuff."

The 34-year-old boxer from Queensland also said the support he is receiving from Samoa adds as a motivating factor.

He had a recent trip to Samoa indicating his strong connection to his birth place.

He said, "I went and saw the prime minister and the head of state and also the village."

"To go there and get a blessing from my village and all these high people, I mean it's just an awesome feeling. And I know how important this fight is to them."

"To come from a little island and to be able to go overseas and represent them, to try and dominate, especially in the game of boxing, you know we're fighting against the best fighter in the world."

"I always make sure people know where I'm from. You've got to always go back to your roots. I thank Australia because they give me the opportunity but Samoa is my blood." 

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