Alert: 'Windows 8.1 Users Must Install Mandatory 'April Update' to Receive Future Updates

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Windows 8.1 users who have not installed the major update rolled out by Microsoft in April will not be able to install any future updates, security patches or bug fixes for this OS. According to CNet, Microsoft's representative confirmed that the aforementioned requirement becomes valid starting with the June update, which was rolled out yesterday.

Jill Lovato, Microsoft's spokeswoman said that a vast majority of Windows 8.1 users have already installed the Windows 8.1 update. And the Windows 8.1 users, who have not installed the April update from Microsoft, will not be able to get/install the upcoming updates with this month's patch. To be precise, the fresh updates will not be applicable to such users.

Even though users will still be able to use their systems/devices, they should be aware that they cannot install any further updates until they get the Windows 8.1 Update. Therefore, their systems are vulnerable.

PCworld says this warning is applicable only for Windows 8.1 users. Users, who are on Windows 8, 7, or Vista, should continue to receive patches regularly. In order to check if the system is running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1: Open the Charms bar, PC Settings -> PC and devices -> PC info. Now, check the version of the OS under "Windows" section.

It is worth noting that, the Windows 8.1 Update has lots of bug fixes for Windows 8 users. The initial Windows 8.1 concentrated more on the touchscreen and tablet features. However, the April update of Windows 8.1 was designed specific to the desktop and keyboard users. In specific, the update brings in a Power button on the Start screen and the capability to integrate Modern apps to the desktop version of Windows.

The Windows users who rely on 'Windows Updates', instead of the 'Windows Server Update Service,' widely used by organizations and corporate should opt for this update as soon as possible. In addition, the users who have chosen to manually download updates instead of accepting Windows' automatic update settings, which automatically installs updates should manually install the same.

As a reminder, users who deselected the Windows 8.1 update for installation will not receive the forthcoming updates.  Therefore, it is worth noting that, users who try to manually download these forthcoming updates will see failed installations or errors on their systems.

Readers are advised to install the Windows 8.1 April update in order to be eligible to receive Microsoft's future updates. CNet also pointed out that, the Windows 8.1 April update is a straightforward installation and hence, there is no difficulty factor pertaining to this particular update.

The easiest way to figure out if the system has installed Windows 8.1 April update is by locating the Windows 8.1 Start screen. A new Power button and a search icon in the top-right corner of the screen can be spotted. In case, the aforementioned changes are not seen, launch the charms bar and click the Settings. And then, click the link for Change PC settings. Now, click the settings for Update and recovery.

Here, the settings for 'Windows Update' should be selected or highlighted. At this point, click the 'check now' button and then click 'view details'. Here is where all the updates from Microsoft will be listed. Users can now click the Install button against the update to install them on the system.

For further details, check out Microsoft's official Web site. Do you have your Windows 8.1 updated? Feel free to leave a comment.

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