Alert! Three-Year-Old Australian Girl Kidnapped from Her Home in a Case Allegedly Similar to Madeleine McCann

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In an alarming child abduction incident, a three-year-old Australian girl named Chloe Campbell went missing from her Queensland home. On Thursday morning, April 10, 2014 at around 7am, parents of the little girl were shocked to discover that their daughter was not in the room where they tucked her safely the night before.

According to Daily Mail report, Chloe is still missing and Australian police are "desperately" searching for her since she was allegedly abducted from her home in a quiet small town in Queensland, Australia called Childers. The town which has slightly more than 1500 residents is located southeast Queensland.  

Chloe's distressed father Garth believes that his daughter has been taken away by someone who is familiar with the family and knows about the "layout of their home." Garth also believes that there is no way "she's wandered off." He said that Chloe "wouldn't leave the yard by herself."

Australian police sent out "child abduction alert" at around 9am on Thursday, shortly after parents of the toddler reported the crime. A police representative revealed that the search for the little girl "centers" around Childers town and since Friday morning search zone has been extended to dams and farmlands in the area. Police is now being helped by helicopters to find the little girl.

On the night of abduction, Chloe Campbell was wearing yellow pants with hearts on it and a white colored shirt with butterflies and bees on it. She could also be carrying a blue sot toy and a grey blanket.

Chloe Campbell's abduction case has been compared to the infamous abduction case of British toddler Madeleine McCann who went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007. Madeleine was also three when she was kidnapped.

According to the report, State Emergency Services volunteers have joined in the effort to find the missing girl. Chloe has two elder sisters, Janae, who is eight and Britney, who is five. Their father told the investigators that the three girls have a separate bedroom where they sleep together, but on the night of the abduction they slept in the lounge. It was only in the morning when Janae woke up to visit the washroom she discovered that Chloe was missing. She thought that Chloe must have sneaked into her parents' room as she was keeping unwell.

Upon investigating the area around the house, the police has found a footprint on the roof of the car which must have got there in an attempt to break in through the window. The window reportedly was open and Chloe's belongings including her toy and blanket are missing.

Chloe is described as "Caucasian in appearance, 100cm tall, with fair shoulder-length hair."

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