Aldergrove Residents Advised To Boil Water For Drinking, Domestic Use

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Low levels of coliform bacteria, found in the drinking water of residents in the township of Langley, B.C, Aldergrove has led the Fraser Heath Authority to issue a boil water advisory.

The residents of Langley, B.C Township in Aldergrove have been advised by the Fraser Heath Authority to boil their water for at least one minute after finding bacteria in a sample. The water, to be used for drinking and various other domestic use have to be brought to a rapid and rolling boil for one minute, said health authorities, until further tests are conducted to prove otherwise.

According to health officials, two consecutive tests with a gap of 24 hours are required to cancel the boil water advisory. The residents will have to wait until Tuesday, July 8, to know the test results. The test will reveal the level of contamination of the water which includes viruses, parasites and specific bacteria.

Consumption of contaminated water can make people very ill, causing diarrhea, nausea and stomach and intestinal illness among others. This can essentially be extremely fatal for small babies, kids and people with low immune system.

Few restaurants in the city too were affected by the boil water advisory issued by the Fraser health authority. "We had to bring in cases of bottled water, bags of ice and bottles of soft drinks since the restaurant's soft drink gun is attached to the water supply," says Angela McLaughlin who serves customers at the Bob's Steakhouse in Aldergrove. Many residents too were spotted shopping for bottled water.

However, till now, there has been no report of anybody falling ill or complaining of any sickness.

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