Al Qaeda Targets Sporting Events and Tourists Spots for “Maximum Carnage”

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The 12th issue of Inspire Magazine, an Al Qaeda online publication, featured an article by an author named AQ Chef, advising lone terrorists to attack major sporting events and top tourists destinations.

"You have soccer stadiums, especially during Premier League and FA Cup matches. They have worldwide live [sic] media coverage. The best time is after the final whistle, when huge crowds leave the stadium and celebrate around the entrances," the author wrote.

AQ Chef, listing Britain and America as Al Qaeda's foremost target, said that such sporting events are best targets for its wide media coverage, vast international audience and world personalities as big as The Queen.

"Hit two birds with one stone; both the English and the French. In the beginning of summer we have Cheltenham, and [at] the end of summer we have Epsom, whereby horse races are attended by thousands from around the kingdom including the Queen," the article said.

AQ Chef's articles also suggest for terrorists to attack London's Savoy hotel and French seaside towns where tourists convene. The author said that through these places, terrorists can cause "maximum carnage."  The issue dated March 14 was published with practical advice on how to make bombs, including car bombs, with items that can be found "in the kitchen of your mum - bombs that could be detonated outside the Savoy hotel.

The author even advised for the car bomb to be detonated at 10 pm when the "high profile targets" are already leaving the place.

The Bastille Military Day Parade, the Louvre art gallery, Sears Tower in Chicago and Dordogne were also cited as perfect timings and place to conduct attacks.

Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011, was also quoted in the magazine. The quote went justifying the killing of civilians.

"Soldiers are expected to die ... But a civilian is not. So when you hit the civilian you hit them where it hurts and that is what our tactics are about."

The magazine's editorial piece also ridiculed America for failing to "protect its citizen from pressure cooker bombs in backpacks" as in the case of the Boston marathon in April 2013.

"I wonder if they are ready to stop car bombs," the author wrote.

Meanwhile, speaking with The Sun, the Metropolitan Police said that they are now strictly monitoring all activities by the magazine.

"The MPS Counter Terrorism Command is aware of the website and appropriate steps have been put in place. As part of our continued work, we regularly work with, and support, industry and crowded places with a variety of briefings and advice."

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