Air Services Australia's Order for Tiger Airways to Go-Around Prevents Chance of Collision With Malaysia Airlines MH136 on South Australian Runway

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Malaysian Airlines Jet
Malaysia Airlines planes sit on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur International Airport July 21, 2014. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry laid out what he called overwhelming evidence of Russian complicity in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 as international horror deepened over the fate of the victims' remains. REUTERS/Edgar Su (MALAYSIA - Tags: TRANSPORT DISASTER)

The timely intervention of Air Services Australia saved a Malaysia Airlines jet last week from a possible hit by a Tiger Airways.

Reports over the weekend said that the Tiger Airways Flight TT449 pilot requested on Tuesday, July 29, for a "go-around" because of an unstable approach to its arrival at the Adelaide Airport runway. At the same time, air traffic controllers requested the pilot of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH136 to discontinue take-off, which an Air Services Australia spokeswoman said "are standard, safe and well-practised manouevres" for various reasons such as weather, animals on the runway or a technical issue.

Air Services Australia, in a statement, said that there was no near miss for the two planes "and at no time was the safety of any passengers or aircraft at risk."

In the past five months, two tragedies had hit the 70 per cent-government owned air carrier. The two tragedies are both linked to Kuala Lumpur flights. MH370 left from Kuala Lumpur on March 8 for Beijing and until now remains missing, while MH17 left Amsterdam on July 17, bound for the Malaysian capital, when it was hit by a missile and crashed in Ukraine.

In an official statement issued by Malaysian Airlines on Aug 5, coursed through Crossman Communications, the air carrier narrated the events that transpired on July 29, as follows:

"Malaysia Airlines flight MH136 from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur on 29 July 2014 was instructed to discontinue its take-off due to an inbound flight.

"MH136 was ready to depart Adelaide Airport and already on takeoff roll when it was instructed by Adelaide Air Traffic Control to discontinue its take-off as the inbound aircraft discontinued its landing and was infringing the vicinity of the take-off path.

"Upon receiving the instruction, MH136 stopped safely.

"After the required cool-down time on its brakes, MH136 departed Adelaide for Kuala Lumpur.

"All 167 passengers and crew are unhurt.

"MH136 departed Adelaide at 8.56AM and will arrive Kuala Lumpur at 3.15PM."

The two previous air tragedies had affected Malaysia Airlines financially, but the company said, "the Malaysian Government is on record stating that it fully supports the airline as its national carrier."

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