Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic Among World's Safest Airlines

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Air New Zealand has been named the second safest airline in the world by a top airline travel Web site. recognised Qantas, Australia's flag carrier airline, as the safest airline to fly out of 448 airlines from around the world. Qantas was chosen as the safest since the airline has no incident of fatality.

Being one of the safest airlines, Air New Zealand can give passengers the peace of mind and security they need while on the air. According to the travel site, 2013 was the safest year to fly since 1945 with 269 deaths from 29 aircraft accidents.

The Aviation Safety Network reported that the previous year's fatalities were below the 10-year average of 719 deaths and 32 accidents. The worst airline accident of 2013 claimed the lives of 44 passengers and 6 crew while inside the Tatarstan Boeing 737-500. The aircraft went from Moscow to Kazan. The plane exploded shortly after it landed.

The air travel Web site also cited the incident at the San Francisco International Airport in July 2013 as the most miraculous escape. After the Asiana Boeing 777 crash landed, 304 passengers and crew were able to walk away, while only three passengers died. The Asiana plane hit the runway sea wall which caused the aircraft to flip around. takes into account the EU blacklist which bans all airlines from 21 countries, including Angola, Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Sudan, Swaziland and Zambia among others.

Following Qantas and Air New Zealand are Emirates in third place, Etihad in fourth and Cathay Pacific rounding up the top 5 safest airlines. British-owned Virgin Atlantic ranked seventh in the list.

The top 10 world's safest airlines ranked by

1.Qantas2.Air New Zealand3.Emirates4.Etihad5.Cathay Pacific6.Singapore Airlines7.Virgin Atlantic8.EVA Air9.Korean Air10.Royal Jordanian

Skycouch in China Airlines

Not only is Air New Zealand one of the safest airlines in the world but also one of the leaders in airline service innovation. Due to the airline's popular Skycouch introduced to passengers in 2011, China Airlines is set to introduce the same feature in its new B777s in September.

The Skycouch is row of three seats with adjustable armrests and legrests for the comfort of economy passengers. This will give passengers the chance to lie down horizontally for a more comfortable position while resting. 

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