Agony Continues for Brisbane Lions

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The sordid condition of Brisbane Lions has placed NRL in the forefront to help the club get out from the rubble.

Malcolm Holmes, chief executive of Lions, was sacked from the club. Bob Sharpless, the new chairman of the club, was also under threat as the Lions is the brink of losing her glory.

The club currently has a debt of $10 million that made AFL to step in and help in rebuilding the team.

The Lions, however, said the team will be kept out of any distraction from the on-going crisis as they are slated to meet Essendon in the round eight clashes on Saturday at the Gabba.

"To be perfectly honest we control what happens out on the field and what happens upstairs ... All we can focus on is putting a good performance out on the field and building ourselves up," Dayne Zarko stated.

But Zarko also mentioned the image of the club has affected the team's performance and hoped for a quick revival.

"Absolutely ... That might even have something to do with us on the field ... But to be honest we just have to go on with business as footballers ... We need to go out and put down a really good performance on the weekend and take the distraction away from what's happening upstairs ... We need to give our supporters something to cheer about," Zarko added.

The Lions are currently placed in the last position on AFL chart. The new coach, Justin Leppitsch, is doing his best to revive the team from the current position.

Former Lions coach Leigh Matthews stated that AFL is putting intense pressure on the club, and the club could benefit if it can add some high profile players in senior positions.

"I think at any AFL club, having a high-profile person as chairman or CEO, and/or coach is better, but all three of them would be good," Matthews said

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