After Wooing Rihanna, Philadelphia 76ers Rookie Joel Embiid Covers Miley Cyrus [VIDEO]

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It seems that the 2014 rookie class got it all right when it selected number three pick and Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid as the funniest of the batch.

This summer unraveled the funny side of the big man when he began pretend dating singer superstar Rihanna on Twitter. He even had a corny mash up of their names - Johanna. He took Twitter by storm by posting his adoration from the pop princess who made the song Umbrella famous.

According to, it took a while for Rihanna to come around but soon enough may be by persuasion or pity or some sort of divine intervention, she followed him back. The gesture was again expounded by the 7-foot-1 center by declaring that he and the singer were now an item and posted a heavily photo shopped picture of two together on a date.

Embiid is proving to be a media darling in the mold of Shaquille O'nea, another behemoth center who used his charm and funny one-liners to score a career in broadcasting after his retirement. This early, Embiid may be ahead of curve with his wackiness and ability to laugh at himself. During the camp he even sang to Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball much to the delight of the media and the players in attendance.

See the video here.

(Video Courtesy of: Youtube/Katie Nolan)

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