After Magaluf Comes El Divino Sex Scandal; Image of 2 Couples Having Public Sex in Belfast Emerges

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Just a few days after the Magaluf sex scandal, another shocking photo of two couples engaging in public sex outside a nightclub in North Ireland has emerged. The image shows two scantily clad women sitting on two men’s laps at the parking lot of El Divino club.

It is understood to be taken by a passerby who witnessed the couples having sex in plain view of the public in Belfast. The women in the photo still have their tops on, but have their skirts raised as they ride the men.

See the NSFW picture here.

The photo, which was posted earlier this week on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, has been condemned by online commenters, who believe that appalling sex acts are becoming rampant these days.

With the latest El Divino photo’s emergence, Netizens are quick to point out that it’s not even a month after the shocking Magaluf scandal rocked the world.

Earlier in July, footage of a British girl giving 24 men oral sex at the holiday resort Megaluf in Spain. She was apparently told that she would win a “holiday” if she took part in the game, but it turned out that “holiday” is just a name of a cocktail, not a vacation.

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The sex scandals brought to mind another incident at rapper Eminem’s concert in Slane, Ireland, in which a 17-year-old girl, later nicknamed Slane Girl by the Internet, was photographed performing oral sex on a boy.

The young woman was distraught to find out that photos of her existed and have gone viral online. She was admitted to a hospital, where she stayed to recuperate from online bullying.

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