After Kinect-Less Xbox One: E3 2014 Plans May Include Halo 5, Ryse 2, Fallout 4 and More

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Now that the Kinect-less Xbox One has been announced before the E3 2014, it seems that Microsoft is really planning an all-game focus for the upcoming event.

There are a few leaked and rumoured possible announcements and reveals come the E3 2014, and they are all related to either anticipated games, "Halo 5" and "Fallout 4" or expected follow-up games.

"Halo 5" or Next "Halo" Game Release Date at E3

For those who have been keeping tabs on what's happening to the expected "Halo" game to debut on the Xbox One, then you'd know that the E3 2014 will have the announcement for the release date of the title.

While there has been no confirmation of whether it will be the much-awaited "Halo 5" or if it's the anniversary edition of the "Halo 2," TechRadar reported that Xbox head Phil Spencer has already confirmed Halo news coming in by E3.

Considering that details have already been given for the Halo digital feature from Ridley Scott and the Halo TV series helmed by Steven Spielberg, all that's left is the "Halo 5" game on the Xbox One. And Spencer did emphasize many times that Microsoft will be focusing on games for E3 2014.

Meanwhile, the "Halo" game does seem to be well underway, as there have been several sightings of 343 Industries job listings mentioning the "Halo" game.

"Fallout 4": A New Leaked Image, A Response From Dev

"Fallout 4" is one of those games that has been rumoured time and again, but the latest leak, allegedly one that is potentially a development photo of the title has surfaced just some weeks before the E3 event.

The Epoch Times reports that the leaked photo seems to be hailing to the development of the game that has also hinted on the platforms on which the game will be releasing on--namely the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the PC.

However, in time for the new leak, Bethesda's Pete Hines has commented on it via his official Twitter, as found by N4G. A fan has asked about the FO4 development leak especially since the much-followed hoax of the Survivor 2299 web site that elaborately teased a fake "Fallout 4."

After commenting that they have already debunked the speculations for Survivor 2299, Hines added regarding the new leak, "You should ignore everything unless it comes from an official source/channel. As we've said, previously."

So "Fallout 4" for E3 2014 remains mostly a hope and speculation, unless Bethesda is planning a big surprise.

"Ryse 2" and a New "Forza" Game

One of the beautiful games on the Xbox One, "Ryse," will already have a sequel ready for announcing come E3 2014.

Now Gamer reports that, among the many planned reveals at the E3 2014, "Ryse 2" will be shown as a real-time in-game trailer. In fact, there are also a few more details, including the fact that the game will go medieval instead of Roman this time around.

There will also be an improved combat system, freedom for world exploration, and a character with great potential and destiny. The release date, however, is far from being announced.

Another game on the Xbox One, "Forza Horizon" may also get a follow-up, which will be announced further at the E3 2014. Total Xbox reports that the new game, possibly called "Forza: Deep South."

According to the source, this was leaked by a car manufacturer and may be set for release this year. So far, the developer has been in closed doors, supposedly working on an Xbox One title that is yet to be announced. 

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