After Jonas Brothers Disbanded, Nick Jonas Gets New Job As Musical and Creative Director for Demi Lovato's 'Neon Lights' Tour

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Nick Jonas just got himself a new job after the Jonas Brothers disbanded -- as the musical and creative director of Demi Lovato's "Neon Lights" Tour.

The youngest of the Jonas Brothers dishes to Rolling Stone the details of his collaboration with the ex-girlfriend of his brother Joe Jonas. He says some of his duties include "overseeing video content, wardrobe, lighting and staging" and "creating the arrangements for the songs."

According to Nick, he started working on Demi's tour shortly after the announcement of the band's separation. 

"I was immediately excited when I was offered the position," says Nick. "The relationship that Demi and I had over eight years really gives me the insight into how to best communicate with her and her team."

So what is the hardest part of coordinating an entire tour? According to Nick, it was making new arrangements for Demi's popular songs and complimenting them with appropriate lights and video. 

"I sat down with the band and said to them, 'You need to step into this like it's a new gig. None of these arrangements are going to sound like the originals, so you need to have an open mind,'" relates Nick further, recalling one of the meeting sessions with the tour crew. 

But even if he is part of Demi's tour crew, Nick says he won't be present in all the shows of the tour. 

"I'll get the tour up and running, make sure it's running smoothly, and then check in every few weeks."

Back in December, Demi has already hinted that Nick is working on his tour, which will begin in Vancouver, Canada on February 9. She told E! Online that time that Nick is talking to her about "designs and music and how we can really make my show incredible and like nothing I've done before."

And just a few days ago, Demi tells Giuliana Rancic that she has no hard feelings for Nick's older brother and ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, even after previously exposing her weed-smoking days with Miley Cyrus. She recalls calling him one time, saying "Relax. We're good. Just don't be so stupid next time." 

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