After Grammy’s Win, ‘Royals’ Singer Lorde Steps Out with Boyfriend James Lowe in New Zealand

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Lorde is seen with boyfriend James Lowe in Auckland, New Zealand. The two were spotted holding hands and happily strolling with each other. The seventeen-year-old singer was dressed casually, sporting a black ensemble with black chunky shoes. Her twenty-four-year-old boyfriend, James Lowe, who is also a photographer, was seen wearing a pair of jeans, a black shirt inside of a printed button down shirt.

Lorde and James were first media popular after Lorde posted a few photos of her and James while at the beach. Twitter users slammed Lorde and her boyfriend with pretty nasty comments of which were racial slurs which Lorde had talked about in an interview with "The Rolling Stone" magazine.

Lorde had said in her interview with "The Rolling Stone" magazine, saying:

"You almost wonder about humans," as the "Royals" singer was fairly disturbed by the racial slurs that were tweeted her way after the photo was posted. She had also mentioned that interracial relationships didn't come as a surprise to her and she wondered why people were so surprised that she was in an interracial relationship.

"That's why the reaction came as such a surprise to me. No one I know would even think this was a big deal."

Other fans were oblivious to the fact that the singer was dating someone who was seven years older than her. Lorde's parents were asked regarding what they feel about their daughter dating someone older than her.

They seem to be fine with it as they have met James and find him to be a nice person.

Lorde has also talked about her career and in the same interview with "The Rolling Stone" magazine had said:

"I think my whole career can be boiled down to the one word I always say in meetings: strength."

The top-charting artist seems to do what she feels is right and at such a young age has been able to deal with things most artists couldn't handle even after being in the musical scene for years.

Lorde won a Grammy award for her single, "Royals".

Photos: Singer, Lorde and boyfriend James Lowe on a stroll together

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