After Fassbender and Law, Bradley Cooper Drops Out from Natalie Portman Movie

Natalie Portman starrer 'Western Jane Got Gun' is in disarray


Bradley Cooper, star of the famous Hangover series, becomes the fourth and latest principal to boot out the Natalie Portman starrer, "Western Jane Got a Gun". Initially, Cooper was tapped to replace another actor who likewise left the film, Jude Law.

The movie, which has been in turmoil in recent months following the exits of its main stars, is a story of a good girl gone bad ass in her attempt to secure her family's survival, and in the process also rekindle feelings with an old flame who helped her develop her gun slinging skills.

Before Cooper's exit, the film also lost its director Lynne Ramsey and two leading men, Michael Fassbender and Jude Law, who both dropped out recently.

The first to leave the filming was Fassbender and then followed by Ramsey who decamped in such dramatic fashion by timing it on the eve of actual production.

Film producer Scott Steindorff was then left with no choice but to commission a last minute replacement in Gavin O'Connor (Miracle). It didn't take long before Law quit the movie after Ramsey left.

Had Cooper stayed on, he would have to play the role of leader of the gang, who tries to kill the husband of Portman's character in the movie played by Noah Emmerich.

Thankfully for the production, the exit of Cooper is not about to affect filming as the movie is in a scheduled shut-down stage. It was a decision that the production agreed on when Connor took over to allow everyone breathing room to catch up.

O'Connor  didn't want to take on the project hastily so even if shooting had already begun, they re-arranged the schedule and decided on a timeframe that was most convenient for everyone. Cooper was supposed to shoot his scenes always in the latter half.

No word has been official yet on the reason why Cooper left although the actor is also understandably managing a busy schedule himself. He is now filming "American Hustle" helmed by David O. Russell, slightly delayed by the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon.

And there's the soon to be shown "The Hangover III" to which Cooper is expected to devote some time for press commitments.

Meanwhile, amidst all the exit news, there were also rumours that went around about Jake Gyllenhaal joining the cast of Western Jane but even that did not pan out.

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