After 2 Years, Gangnam Style Video in YouTube Reaches Almost 2 Billion Hits

  @ibtimesau on May 29 2014 8:37 AM

Many non-fans of South Korean YouTube sensation Psy are happy that they no longer hear his hit song Gangnam Style ( every time they pass a karaoke bar or club, dine out or take public transportation.

By middle of July, the official video would likely breach the 2 billionth mark. To date, it has received 1,997,901,618, making it the most widely viewed video on YouTube. However, counting the other versions of the same song, Gangnam Style has certainly surpassed 2 billion views.

The video's 1 billionth hit, ironically took place on Dec 21, 2013, the date the world was monitoring because of the belief by some groups that it would be the end of the world based on calculations of the Mayan calendar. A video hitting 1 billion hits was seen as a sign of the end times.

Tech Web site CNET forecast the video would breach 2 billion this week, a number which is almost six times the population of the U.S., reckoned Mashable.

Gangnam Style was 31 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 list and was the LSS in the mind and ears of millions of people, music and non-music lovers alike, likers and haters of Psy alike.

His follow-up song, Gentleman, released a year ago, pales in comparison to Gangnam Style with 687,832,826 views so far, but surely any singer's envy.

In early May, Psy was featuring singing rap in Cuban-American Latin pop musician Jencarlos Canela's new single titled Give It Up Tonight, featuring Psy and KC of the KC and the Sunshine Band ( The song is one of the tracks from Canela's new album, Jen, released on May 7. The song has 35,000 plus hits so far.

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