AFL Player in Coma After Being Knocked It and Slipping Into A Cardiac Arrest


Tarryn Bowers, Lockyer Valley Demons player was knocked out and slipped into a cardiac arrest on July 20, during a game in the Darling Downs town of Pittsworth. He is currently being treated at the Princess Alexandra Hospital where he is in a stare of induced coma.

The quick thinking of his reginal AFL team mates saved the life of the 19-year-old. The work of coaches and trainers from Demons, Goondiwindi Hawks and South Toowoomba Bombers who helped Tarryn and assisted and flew him to Brisbane, was appreciated.

The Demons President, Tony Bowers, who is also Tarryn's father, said that his son was stuck between two opposition players from the team regional team Goondiwindi Hawks. He continues that a player from the opposition attacked him from behind and forearmed him on the back of his head and to the side of the temple because of which he might have been knocked out. Tony Bowers was playing the match as well. 

It is believed that Tarryn was out cold before hitting the ground, after which, he began to spasm. He was then immediately taken off the pitch and CPR was performed.

The doctors, after initial prognosis, has said that the progress is positive and it was likely that they'd wake him up from his coma on July 21.  Due to his young age, the doctors suspect if he is suffering from any underlying medical condition that could have been the reason for his heart to have stopped beating.

The doctors have said that they can't be sure of anything until they wake him up and take a look at him. It is also said there is no swelling or bleeding inside the brain neither is there any neck injuries. The umpires have decided not to consider it a reportable incident.

Tony Bowers said, "He was basically dead on the table. He was blue and he wasn't moving. It was terrible. It was just lucky there were three blokes working on him from different clubs and they all had first aid experience. They basically saved his life."

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