AFL Appoints Glen McLachlan as New CEO

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The Australian Football League has appointed a new CEO, Glen McLachlan, on Wednesday.  McLachlan will take over the position as Andrew Demetriou steps down on June 5.

McLachlan has been selected from a list of 20 potential candidates for the position, nationally and internationally. AFL Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick stated they narrowed the list to three applicants who were interviewed by the board on Monday.  

"The most important task of the AFL Commission is to select the leader of the AFL ... I am very pleased to announce that the AFL Commission has selected Gillon McLachlan to be chief executive officer of the AFL ... He is indeed the best man for the job ... It's particularly pleasing to appoint a candidate developed from our own game ... We're also pleased to announce a CEO with such strong support across the industry .... I know our stakeholders and most importantly out clubs will support this decision," Fitzpatrick said after the decision.

McLachlan is confident of his own position and believed he will be the best person to fit the role. He is proud to associate with Australian football and optimistic to give the best of ability.

"I'm obviously incredibly proud to be sitting here accepting the job as chief executive of the Australian Football League ... I want to thank Mike and thank the Commission for their faith in me ... I guess people in our industry and within the game know my background. I've worked here for 10 plus years. I've worked in a number of functions ... I feel I was a strong candidate for I understand the passion of football ... I've had my fair share of cold showers and committee meetings ... I know how the games is an intrinsic part of people's lives ... I also feel I'm a strong candidate for I have a clear vision on how the game needs to go and how were going to get there," McLachlan stated during the press conference. 

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